Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Soft Tissue Discovered in Dinosaur Bones

Most of us are familiar with the occasional studies in newspapers and over the Internet that state of blood leftovers and soft tissue being establish in dinosaur bones. These studies are not mere guess but are based on echt determinations that are reported by mainstream scientists.

The studies travel on to advert that the men of science were surprised to happen such as tissue preserved in ancient bones. One study carried by MSNBC on March 24, 2005 was titled Scientists retrieve T. Rex soft tissue: 70-million-year-old dodo outputs preserved blood vessels. Notice that the statute title incorporates the premise that the "fossil" was 70 million old age old.

The facts of the scientific discipline of biochemistry collide very violently with the paleontologist's premise that the T. Rex castanets are that old. The soft tissue in the castanets strongly infers that they are no more than than respective one thousands of old age old. This bends the evolutionary paradigm on its head.

The soft tissue, including blood vas walls, are composed of protein. Biochemicals such as as proteins are notoriously unstable and dislocation rapidly. These biochemicals have got short continuance spans in almost any conceivable environment.

Proteins are extremely big molecules consisting of 100s of aminic acids arranged in precise sequence. When an animate being is buried its organic structure is attacked by bacteria, many assortments of which can boom in an anoxic (oxygen free) environment.

All proteins are broken down and digested by the bacteria. If that weren't adequate the encompassing dirt or sand that covered the animate being also infiltrates the organic structure structures.

Petrification happens when silicon oxide from the encompassing soil or sand comes in the castanets and essentially replaces the os with silicon oxide which hardens to go stone. Petrifaction can happen very rapidly under the right statuses such as as under hot volcanic ash.

You may be surprised to larn that very few dinosaur castanets are actually petrified. Most incorporate the original Ca and P that was present when the dinosaur was alive. Most dinosaur castanets were not examined to seek to happen soft tissue remnants.

However in recent decennaries there have got been many finds of well preserved dinosaur bones. Blood leftovers and soft tissue have been establish in some of these bones. The happens have got got been reported by men of science who are evolutionists.

The finds of blood or soft tissue have been so numerous it is beyond the range of this article to item them all.

The happen that was reported by MSNBC mentioned above have to make with a Tyrannosaur Rex leg os that was broken so it could be lifted by helicopter. When the research workers noticed how well preserved it was they sent parts of it to Dr. Virgin Mary Schweitzer, an evolutionist who was well known for her work on determination leftovers of haemoglobin in dinosaur castanets from an earlier find.

She dissolved the os samples in a solution of the chemical EDTA which dissolved away the difficult Ca and freed the soft tissue within. The tissue from the dinosaur os was seen to be unmistakably flexible.

The article "Answering expostulations to creationist 'dinosaur soft tissue' age arguments" by Drs. Carl Wayland and Saint David Menton in the diary "TJ, the in depth diary of CREATION" 19(3) 2005 explicates Schweitzer's method and even have photos of the soft tissue that was recovered from the T. Rex bone. Interestingly the esteemed evolutionist diary Science also have detailed articles on this and other discoveries of soft tissue in dinosaur bones.

Soft tissue in dinosaur castanets is just portion of the growth organic structure of scientific grounds that bespeaks that the Earth is young. The earth's age is not billions or even millions of old age old but strong grounds infers that it is less than 10 thousand old age old. I believe the grounds points to the earth's age being within the 6,000 twelvemonth clip span recorded in the Bible.

Sadly the development oriented men of science have got downplayed the significance of the data. Some palaeontologists have got got claimed that soft tissue could have been preserved under the right statuses for 65 million years. Such a long saving is unreasonable according to creationist Dr. Carl Wayland who entreaties to the apparent facts of biochemistry.

The fact that biochemicals are unstable and would degrade rapidly is well established in mainstream science. See the article "Instability and decay of the primary construction of DNA" by T. Lindahl in Nature 362(6422):709-715, 1993.

The evolutionists, to their credit, have got faithfully reported the findings. Yet most have got not abandoned the multibillion-year-old earth paradigm. The old Earth paradigm is very deep-rooted in everything from texts to the mentality of college faculties.

Soft tissue in dinosaur castanets clearly points to immature Earth and hence not adequate clip for development to occur. Development itself should thus be abandoned. Most evolutionists have got simply circled the wagons, made minor accommodations in their conception of fossilisation and gone on as if nil happened.

It is a familiar pattern. Strong scientific grounds fatal to development come ups along, evolutionists do minor accommodations and then claim that scientific discipline is unfastened minded and ego correcting. Of course, in this lawsuit scientific discipline have not corrected itself enough.

The forsaking of development would be the proper rectification of science. The function of the man of science is to travel where the grounds leads. In the lawsuit of blood leftovers and soft tissue in dinosaur castanets the grounds clearly points to immature earth.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Goji Scientific Research - Bogus Health Claims or Real Science?

The first natural therapists in Asia prized its wellness secrets 4,000 old age ago. But makes the Goji Berry have got any scientific standing?

Ancient medical textual matters declared Goji to be superior for tonifying and maintaining the wellness of the full body. Today more than 80 scientific research surveys have got been published on its health-maintenance properties. They can be establish at Pubmed, type in "Lycium Barbarum" (Goji's Latin name) into the hunt field.

Many esteemed diaries around the human race such as as the British Diary of Nutrition, International Immunopharmacology, European Diary of Pharmacology, Chinese Oncology Magazine, People'S Republic Of China Pharmacology and Toxicology, Cell Biology International, Diary of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery and the Physiology Academician Diary amongst others listing the healing places of the ill-famed Goji Berry.

It looks as if this sleeping giant discovery in wellness have hit the western human race by storm. The Chinese have got known about for ages and only now western scientific discipline have uncovered that the Goji Berry incorporates a alone blend of "polysaccharides". Called LB1, LB2, LB3, LB4 and LB5, these polyoses are responsible for helping in the healing procedure of the whole immune system, hence the numerous wellness benefits claimed by ingesting the berry. Furthermore, Goji's polyoses bid and control many of the body's most of import biochemical systems. And thanks to its legendary ability to advance cheerfulness and better mood, Goji have been dubbed the "happy berry".

The human races leading authorization on health endorses it. International mass media like Time Magazine, the Los Angeles Times and NBC's today show congratulations the Goji Berry. New Woman magazine states that Goji is the up-to-the-minute Superfruit to take Film Industry by storm. With so much to offer it's no wonderment that it have go a favourite nutrient addendum for people alike.

Extensive scientific research into the healing personal effects of the Goji Berry nowadays numerous wellness benefits including; increased positive moods, a healthy libido, healthy blood pressure, healthy blood refined sugar levels, increased energy levels, assists anti-inflammatory processes, back ups cardiovascular health, a greater opposition to fatigue, healthy liver function, improved memory, healthy immune system function, back ups healthy ageing and oculus health.

Another interesting tid spot of information on the berry is its above norm ORAC (Oxygen Group Absorbance Capacity) score. An orac measuring is a standardised diagnostic test adopted by the U.S Department of Agribusiness to mensurate the sum antioxidant effectiveness of nutrients and nutritionary supplements. The Goji Berry have the peak mark of 25,300 with the snip fruit 5,700 lagging manner behind. Antioxidants can assist support and protect cells against free extremist damage.

The up-to-the-minute Goji Scientific research is promising. After 4000 years something as ancient as the Goji Berry is still creating newspaper headlines around the world.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Popcorn Sciene Fair Projects

Unlike how it might sound, a Zea mays everta scientific discipline carnival undertaking can actually be quite interesting. One can larn a figure of facts from the information that a Zea mays everta scientific discipline carnival undertaking can provide regarding the sorts of nutrient that we devour in our day-to-day lives. The followers is a very simple Zea mays everta scientific discipline carnival project, which researches the ground as to why and how Zea mays everta protrudes the manner it does.

The stuffs required are quite simple and easily available at any shop keeping research lab supplies. The basic stuffs required are as follows:

* Unpopped Zea mays everta kernels

* Type Type Type Type Type A clean and dry beaker

* A base for mounting the beaker

* A Robert Bunsen burner to heat up the beaker

* A closed glass box with one little mercantile establishment for performing the experiment.

* A beginning of visible light for illuminating the background

The setup for the Zea mays everta scientific discipline carnival undertaking may be put up quite simply. The implicit in rule is that the Zea mays everta protrudes when the H2O vapour inside the meats heat ups up and explosions the seed coat. The interior parts can then expand.

First, topographic point around 50 meats of Zea mays everta inside the beaker and mount it at an angle to the vertical. Let the background near its oral cavity be illuminated by a visible light source. Topographic Point the burner underneath the beaker, keeping it at a distance of at least 10 centimetres from the alkali of the beaker. Topographic Point the full set-up interior the glass case.

The experimentation for the Zea mays everta scientific discipline carnival undertaking can be initiated by lighting the Robert Bunsen burner at a very low rate, letting the fire impinge lightly upon the alkali of the beaker. Illuminating the visible light beginning will demo a steady watercourse of steam coming out of the beaker. Eventually, the Zea mays evertas will begin popping and the watercourse of steam will go more than prominent.

If the steam is allowed to impinge on a cold surface, H2O droplets will be formed immediately. All the constituents used in the Zea mays everta scientific discipline carnival undertaking (except the kernels) would be perfectly dry. This shows that the steam arises from the H2O nowadays inside the kernels.

This Zea mays everta scientific discipline carnival undertaking might sound simple, but safeguards must be taken:

* The beaker should not be allowed to overheat, otherwise it might crack.

* The box should have got at least one mercantile establishment for the air expanding inside it owed to the heat.

* Adult supervising is recommended in the handling of burners and visible light bulbs.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Colby Community College - Horse Production Management Degree

Community College is located in Colby Kansas and is a two year public community college that offers a number of different associate's degrees in a wide variety of different fields of study. One of the degrees that are offered is an Associate's in Applied Science Degree in Horse Production Management. This degree is designed for students who want to pursue a career in the horse production field, or any other career that is related to the equine industry. The program involves both classroom and hands on studies that are aimed at providing students with the knowledge and skills that they will need to be successful in the equine industry.

Students are required to take several general education courses along with the more advanced and specific equine related courses. The general education classes that all students are required to have are:

· Oral Communications

· General Education Courses

· Physical Education

Students will also take the equine courses concurrently with the basic education courses. Some of the equine and agriculture courses that students have the option of taking include:

· Agriculture Orientation – This course will provide students with a brief history of the development of American Agriculture with emphasis being place on career opportunities for graduates in agriculture related fields.

· Principle of Livestock Nutrition – Students will learn how to properly feed livestock, including horses. Some of the topics that are covered are the origin, chemistry and value of different feeds; nutritional requirements; and the theory of practical economy for the maintenance and growth of animals.

· Equine Management Technology – This course provides students with a good overview of the equine industry because it provides students with on the job training in various phases of the horse production area. Students will also have the opportunity to become involved with management operations and different management skills.

· Horse Production – Students will study the selection, breeding, reproduction, nutrition, and other management practices that are involved with the day to day operations of any horse production facility.

· Equine Reproduction – This course is only available to students who have obtained permission from the instructors. This class will teach students the reproductive processes and management techniques that are required to collect semen, artificially inseminate, manage mares and stallions, and current research methods.

· Applied Equine Performance Physiology – This course is a combination of presentations and applications of theories of performance physiology. Students will be given the opportunity to learn different concepts and then apply each new concept in a hands on laboratory setting. Students will have to collect, analyze, and present data that was collected during a variety of different equine performance activities. All of this information is then applied to developing protocols for specific performance activities of interest to the students.

There are also a number of elective courses that are not required, but are available to enhance a student's current degree options. Some of these classes are:

· Computer Farm Records

· Cash Flow Seminar

· Grain Grading and Handling

· Kansas Ground Water Management

· Introduction to Microcomputers in Agriculture

· Animal Breeding

· Producer Marketing System

· Ag Meteorology

The college also has several different stallions that they stand to the public and use for their breeding programs.

Besides the courses that are offered, students can also participate in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. The IHSA promotes competition for riders of all skill levels and provides riders the opportunity to compete at shows, without having to own a horse, where they can even qualify to compete at the national show. Emphasis is placed on learning, sportsmanship, and fun.

Make sure to visit our site at horsechitchat.com or by clicking the link in our bio box below and review the other equine colleges we have reviewed.

Make it happen.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Socialization Tips for Foreign Students at the UK

The United Kingdom is very hospitable and liqueur to international pupils who are enrolled at its major universities. Almost all public and private academic establishments are unfastened to accommodating and accepting foreign students. The academic community have been used to accepting and interact with numerous pupils from different countries.

Most foreign pupils bask their stay in the UK. Many of them can certify that British People people in general are friendly and are easy to acquire along with. However, many of them can also certify that initial submergence during the first hebdomads and calendar months in the state is hard. That is because the time period of accommodation also come ups at a important phase when universities desire pupils to conform to the hard-and-fast United Kingdom academic systems and policies.

If you are a foreign pupil who have just arrived to the UK, here are some arrows to chew over over and assist you to increase your contacts, and how usher you on how to acquire a societal life, which will eventually assist you bask your stay in the country.

- Initially, you should interact with foreign pupils of the same nationality as yours. Doing so will assist you set up a sense of place and belonging. In every university, there are usually baseball clubs or little organisations for your nationality. Join those groupings and acquire to cognize more than international pupils from your ain country.

- Be friendly. Bash not waver to near British pupils if you desire to do friends with them. Bash not be shy. It is integrated into British People civilization that they are unfastened to befriending other nationalities. They happen friends based on personalities, rather than on nationalities or cultures.

- Attend your university's orientation programs. Such events are good locales to ran into new familiarities and ran into new friends.

Do not waver to socialize. Brand friends at restaurants, takeaways and bars. On campus, just be yourself and be approachable, so that new friends will also not waver to near you. When you are adjusted, aid other new foreign pupils set and last the new societal environment.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Does Size Matter in College Admissions?

Your college admittances procedure is about tantrums you best. In this respect, size makes matter. Big or small, every college portrays its size as a strength. Big schools will state you they have got what's compensate for you, and little schools will state you the same. Can they both be right? What's really best for you is a substance of personal preference. To assist you make up one's mind we interrupt down the professionals and cons of big and little schools are broken down:

Big Colleges

Pros: Large schools are large for a reason. Bigger schools usually offer more than of everything: Clubs, classes, majors, professors, students, activities, buildings, etc. Type A large pupil organic structure intends many baseball clubs and activities which can suit niche interests. By offering many majors, large schools offering open pupils more options. Whatever your first, 2nd or 3rd pick in a major may be the opportunities are good a large school offerings them all. Big schools may also have got large budgets which can intend money for research programs, work-study opportunities, facilities, campus-speaker budgets and so on.

Cons: At a large school a pupil can experience more than like a figure than a person. Large public lecture hallways may suit 100s of students; anticipate to see these during your first and 2nd years. Some pupils experience overwhelmed at a large school. Indeed, mundane you will see schoolmates you make not know, and you will have got to be proactive in forming human relationships with professors. There can be more than competition at a big school, so don't believe of hogging the spotlight.

College hunt particular note Regardless of school size, most entry degree courses of study at all colleges are large lectures.

Small Colleges

Pros: Sometimes you desire to travel where everybody cognizes your name. Class size is, generally speaking, littler at littler schools. Students often have got more than than one-on-one time with professors, which is ideal for pupils that demand a more nurturing environment. Being a stand-out student is also easier with fewer pupils on campus. And little school pupils will be known a higher per centum of classmates. Also, little schools may supply a quieter, more than focused acquisition environment. Some pupils stand out with fewer distractions.

Cons: Smaller schools offering fewer majors. They may only offer a minor in your field of study. Other modern times courses of study are consolidated. For example, they may offer a mass communication theory degree, but not individual grades in journalism, broadcasting, public relations, etc. Small schools also, in general, have got fewer baseball clubs and activities. So while you can probably play intramural basketball game your passionateness for synchronized diving may lie dormant.

Each twelvemonth pupils win in college large and small. When comparing school size during your college hunt maintain in head there are no right or incorrect answers. What may suit you best may be completely incorrect for person else. Whether you went to a large or little school, and if you liked the experience, may greatly impact your college admittances decisions. Before applying to a college of any size you should analyze everything a college have to offer. And just like the other factors, size matters.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Nutrition Graduate Programs in North America

Find Nutrition Alumnus Programs in the United States and Canada. If you'd wish to accomplish a Edgar Lee Masters or Ph.D. inch nutrition, you should first reexamine admittance demands to nutrition alumnus programs. Typically, prospective pupils must take an aptitude diagnostic test prior to enrollment. Additionally, appliers to nutrition alumnus programmes must have got earned a lower limit undergraduate grade with an above norm GPA.

Common surveys involved in nutrition alumnus programmes are research in familial and metabolic foundations (in animate being and human diets), nutritionary biochemistry, pathology in relation to nutrition, nutritionary epidemiology, and other related to topic matter.

Nutrition alumnus programmes that consequence in a Master's (MS) grade imply in-depth coursework in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, advanced nutrition, physiology, and advanced human nutrition. In addition, pupils will almost always have got to finish a thesis, as well as residency. Generally, nutrition alumnus programmes like this necessitate a lower limit of two old age to complete.

Doctorate (Ph.D.) nutrition alumnus programmes include higher studies, doctorial thesis research, and advanced nutrition scientific disciplines and research, among other connected courses. Ph.D. programme lengths vary, but usually take between three and four old age to complete successfully.

Students may also choose to take part in nutrition alumnus programmes with an accent on nutrient science. These surveys generally concentrate on nutrient chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology; nutrient processing, and supplementary research, thesis and residency. These nutrition alumnus programmes generally necessitate the same amount of clip and requirements as typical M.S. and Ph.D. courses.

Candidates who have got got successfully completed nutrition alumnus programmes in North United States have possible to gain well over $60,000 annually in a faster-than-average growing calling field. In improver to the positive fiscal outlook, professional dietitians and dieticians addition overall satisfaction in helping people to do effectual dietary picks in the bar of disease, improved wellness and overall wellbeing.

If you (or person you know) are interested in determination nutrition alumnus programs, allow professional preparation within fast-growing industries like massage therapy, cosmetology, acupuncture, Asian medicine, Reiki, and others acquire you started! Research calling school programmes near you.

Employment source: Bls.gov (US Agency of Labor Statistics)

Nutrition Alumnus Programs in North America
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